Standby Ready/Emergency Disinfection and Response Plan and Equipment
Purpose: to provide a "first response" standby, ready to go equipment and guideline to follow for initiating an emergency bacterial disinfection program within specificed potable hot and/or cold water distribution systems (tanks, mains, risers, branch lines, fixtures, etc.).
Certified and Reviewed: JCAHO, ASRAE, NSF
Response Treatment Procedure: Controlled, metered injection of liquid supplemental chlorine (sodium hydpochlorite).
Hazard and Critical Point Analysis for HACCP
  1. Conduct a hazard analysis
  2. Determine the critical control points
  3. Establish critical limits for each critical control point
  4. Establish a system to monitor control of the critical control points
  5. Establish the corrective action to be taken when monitoring indicates that a particulare CCP is not under control
  6. Establish procedures for verification to confirm that the HACCP system is working effectively
  7. Establish documentation concerning all procedures and records appropriate to these principles and their application
BSR/ASHRAE Standard 118P, Preventation of Legionellosis Associated with Building Water Systems
Program consists of:
designation of treatment injection point locations
treatment equipment specification
first response
startup of the standby chemical treatment equipment
drawing disinfectant to the distill end of the selected distribution system to be disinfected
selection of sample sites
monitoring supplemental chemical (chlorine)
maintenance of the disinfection program
First Response
  1. Response action shall be initiated by the director of infection control or directly by administration. First response will consist of immediately initiating supplemental disinfection (chlorine) treatment program within all specified hot and cold potable water distribution piping.
  2. Location of treatment inspection points within the various hospital cold and hot water distribution piping systems.
  3. Review potential infection risk factors to assist in targeting the treatment and flushing efforts.