About Us
DiHydro Services, Inc. was founded in 1939 during the Great Depression to give cash-poor property managers an alternative to costly pipe replacement and associated expenses. Over our 70 plus year history, we have consistently added services to further enhance water quality and offer substantial savings for our customers. While the Great Depression is now a distant memory, the need for cost effective solutions has never faded.
DiHydro is a proud member of the following
National Association of Corrosion Engineers
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
American Water Works Association
American Society of Sanitary Engineers
American Society of Plumbing Engineers
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning
Association for Professionals in Infection Control
Association of Water Technologies
Building Owner and Managers
LEED AP and Green Associate
Association for Facilities Engineering
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DiHydro's Network of Services
DiHydro is the knowledge leader in water quality technology and piping systems. A network of services is offered in the following areas:
Control of corrosion in water systems
Pipe Restoration
Identification and control of lead in drinking water
Identification and control of bacteria in drinking water
Pipe Freezing
Pipe Disinfection
Commercial plumbing and HVAC services
Special inspection services
Leak detection and control
High purity water systems
Environmental laboratory
Expert in solving water temperature, pressure and flow problems in large complex piping systems
Our Water Treatment Program
DiHydro's water treatment program protects and extends the operating life of your piping system, whether it's copper, iron galvanized steel or brass. Working around-the-clock, food-grade silicates:
Form a thin film on the pipe interior to stabilize the pipe surface
Seal off lead, bacteria and other contaminants
Reduce water velocity wear
Reduce corrosion by increasing pH
Neutralize the effects of excessive carbon dioxide
Bind up suspended solids to facilitate removal by flushing
This treatment program reduces leaks, restores flow, prevents calcium build-up and controls corrosion. DiHydro's injector equipment is custom-built to the specific requirements of your piping system and maintained on an ongoing basis. DiHydro's program includes maintenance of equipment, regularly scheduled testing and service calls by our technicians.

DiHydro's water treatment program provides a reliable, money-saving, long-term solution to pipe corrosion, water flow issues and contaminant control.
The Water Technology Experts
DiHydro's familiarity with the complexities of large-scale piping systems helps us locate and solve your water quality, flow and corrosion problems. Our experties includes water qaulity equipment, system design and installation involving:
Reverse osmosis
Design and construction of high purity water systems, hemo-dialysis, surgical quality water and electronic grade water is another area in which DiHydro excels.