DiHydro may be best known for our corrosion control service. However, we also offer many other technical services that may be of interest.
Pipe Disinfection
DiHydro offers a cost-effective approach to pipe disinfection. Our pipe disinfection service provides flushing, chlorination, and testing (using AWWA standards) - all performed by experienced DiHydro technicians. Our service follow a five-step process:
  1. The water system is flushed to free it from debris
  2. The piping is disinfected with chlorine as specified by local code
  3. Water samples are collected
  4. Tests for coliform bacteria are conducted
  5. If the water in the piping system complies with local code, certification is provided
Pipe Inspection Camera
Inspecting underground and difficult to reach piping is an important step in locating leaks and problem areas in a water system. DiHydro offers a "surgical" approach to this situation with our unique pipe inspection camera. Equipped with a 300-foot cable, color monitor, and video recording capabilities, DiHydro's camera gives an inside view of piping that measures 1" or more in diameter. DiHydro's mini cameras (.25 to .5 inch diameter) can be used to inspect boiler tubes, air ducts, sanitary waste lines, drain lines, machinery, and valve operations.
X-Ray Inspections and Ultra Sound Testing
This noninvasive service helps determine wall thickness and buildup inside piping. It assists in determining physical condition of piping systems (steam, condensate and domestic hot water) which are candidates for rapid deterioration. This service can be performed without removal of pipe wrap, insulation or surface coverings. Click on the images below to see a large view of the positive x-ray images.
Water Sampling and Analysis
DiHydro offers a full line of water laboratory and engineering services.
Water analysis (lead, bacteria and all pertinent parameters)
Microbiological testing
Corrosion troubleshooting
Water treatment investigation
System monitoring
Boiler testing (closed & open loop)
Wastewater analysis
Industrial pretreatment
DiHydro also provides testing for Legionella in cooling towers and water systems. We can also perform testing on boiler feed water including condensate systems.
Leak Detection, Water Use Management and Bill Negotiation
DiHydro is the source for water leak detection, pipe line leak detection, underground leak detection and IR Imaging

Leak detection is a necessary and vital component of service and maintenance for water equipment, water (liquids) distribution and liquid waste systems. Accurate determination of the position of leaking piping supply systems and follow up repair response serves to save money and conserve water (oil, gas, jet fuel, etc.).
We Find Leaks Fast In:
Swimming pools
Apartment complexes
Office buildings
Asphalt parking lots
Shopping centers
Manufacturing plants
Industrial buildings
Heat exchangers
Underground pipes
Closed loop piping systems
Refrigeration systems
Boilers and water heating tanks
Underground pressurized cables
Flow Measurement
DiHydro's ultrasonic flow measurement equipment provides an accurate reading of the per-minute or total flow rates of water through your piping system. This equipment functions without shutting down the piping system
No plumbing required
No holes in walls or ceilings (done through existing fixtures)
Removes scale deposits
cleans up brown/black water
High Purity Water Systems
Another DiHydro service is the design and construction of high purity water systems. DiHydro's high purity water system application range from highly purified water for biotech, dialysis, ultrasonic surgical instrument washer, microchip applications to specialized water for boiler feed and parts rinsing. DiHydro provides fast reliable customer service and system designs unsurpassed in the industry. DiHydro can supply centrally distributed systems as well as point-of-use polishing equipment.
Closed Loop Cleaning
Closed loop systems require more attention than filtering will accomplish. DiHydro tackles the dirty, burdensome problems in closed loop systems for commercial and apartment buildings, hospitals and schools. Best of all, we perform this cleaning service without shutting down your building.

Continue your normal business, while our technicians install a temporary side-stream filter to your closed loop system, chemically clean the system (loosening and removing dirt, grime and oil buildup), then monitor the system for 6 to 12 weeks - - changing filters when necessary. The procedure is effective yet not disruptive. The program includes:
Filtering: multiple levels of treatment
System cleaning to remove debris, buildup and bacteria
Water sampling and analysis
System improvement recommendations