Building Piping System Inspection and Analysis - Services
DiHydro performs hands on engineering due diligence and failure inspection and analysis of commercial building's water and waste water, and chilled distribution piping systems on a national basis with focuse on...
Discovering system problems
Providing alternative solutions
Reducing replacement and disruption costs
Restoring and extending the life of piping systems and equipment
Some of the most well respected commercial investors and management companies utilize DiHydro's condition assessment for pre-acquisition, alternative approach cost saving programs, long term asset management and financing purposes.
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Our Past Experience...
Over the last 35 years, DiHydro has performed thousands of building's piping systems physical condition inspections and evaluations of the following property types...
Hospitality and resort properties
Office buildings
Airport terminals
Regional malls
Municipal buildings
Industrial facilities
DiHydro's due diligence inspections save money and disruption by identifying the specific problems in the following types of systems...
Plumbing systems and fixtures
Sanitary and vents
Roof conductor and storm water systems
Failure Analysis - Pipes, Valves, Fittings, Pumps, Etc.
DiHydro specializes in failure analysis and corrosion investigations. We will determine if a failure is caused by inappropriate material selection, design, fabrication or operating conditions.
Analysis of material
Root cause failure analysis determination
Laboratory and on-site investigations
Corrosion testing and investigation
Metallurgical investigation
Underground and above ground investigation
Welding, soldering and brazing failure analysis
Some of the components for failure analysis that we look at in a typical day include mechanical equipment, boiler tubes, air conditioning coils, piping, valves, casting pressure vessels, welds, brazed and solder joints.

By combining a knowledgeable staff with the right equipment, fast and accurate analysis, determinations of the causes of equipment or parts failure can be made. DiHydro can provide recommendations for corrective actions to avoid future failures.