Pipe Restoration - The Cause
Over time, the flow of water through a piping system can threaten the integrity of the pipes carrying it. Contributing factors include...
Water chemistry and pH
Excessive water velocity
High temperatures
Suspended solids in the water
Poor pipe installation workmanship
Quality and type of pipe used
Pipe Replacement - The Cost
Pipe replacement or repair is costly and time-consuming. Water system shutdowns are disruptive
and often entail cutting into walls and ceilings to reach pipes. These surfaces must then be repaired,
dry-walled, or plastered, and painted. Depending on the size of the project, re-piping may cost tens of
thousands of dollars

DiHydro's unique engineered corrosion control programs can restore your piping at a fraction of the cost of
pipe replacement with little to no disruption to a facility or building operation.

The DiHydro Difference - Our Approach
DiHydro's program is non-disruptive and eliminates the expense of reconstruction and redecoration involved in re-piping. The water treatment program...
Controls lead, copper and zinc
Controls dezincification of brass piping
Stops the effects of velocity and turbulence damage in copper piping
Re-opens rust blocked lines in iron, steel and galvanized piping
Seals pinhole and thread leaks
Restores flows to fixtures
Stops red/brown water
Extends the useful life of the existing piping system by 30+ years