What is DiHydro?

DiHydro is the leader in corrosion control, pipe system restoration, problem analysis and pipe maintenance, technology since 1939. Saving building buyers, sellers, operations and facilities departments time and money.

The legacy of cost-effective solutions continues today

#1 in Corrosion Control

#1 in Pipe Restoration

DiHydro is always providing the very best in corrosion control, pipe restoration and water quality technology

Every DiHydro employee is devoted to providing every customer with excellent service.

DiHydro is the expert in stopping existing pipe leaks, controlling water quality, solving and resolving pressure, flow and temperature problems in large complex piping systems.

We offer unique restoration and corrosion control solutions that provide reliable, money-saving, long-term solutions to pipe leaks, water flow issues and long-term contaminant control.


Pipe restoration, corrosion control and contamination control technology that is trusted throughout the country.